Nan-O-Sil ASD Colloidal Silica Significantly Reduces the Cycle Time in Injection Molding

PP unfilled, Nylon 6, unfilled, Nylon 66, 33% glass, PBT unfilled,
PC + 33% glass, PPS, PEEK, Acetal, and Rigid PVC (read more: PVC Results Summary | Nanosil ASD Study)

Penn State University Study

“A Study on the Effect of Nan-O-Sil ASD on Cooling Time Reduction” was undertaken by Jonathan Meckley, Pennsylvania State University at Erie, The Behrend College , Erie, PA (see technical paper 1) that will be presented at ANTEC in May 2010, that demonstrated the Nan-O-Sil ASD additive can reduce cycle time by as much as 70% in semi-crystalline materials.

In PP the cooling time was reduced 77%.

In glass filled PBT, it is 70%.

Glass-filled Nylon has a 67% reduction without negative physical properties.

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Nan-O-Sil ASD

A unique colloidal silica processing aid from Energy Strategy Associates, Inc. slashes molding cycle times. Ultra-fine bright white silica particles have been shown in laboratory and commercial field trials to reduce injection molding cycle times by 20% to 30% in polypropylene, filled and unfilled nylon, PBT, Acetal, glass filled PC, PPS, PEEK, and Rigid PVC (read more: PVC Results Summary | Nanosil ASD Study). This processing advantage is accompanied by retention and improvements in key physical properties at low loadings (0.8% wt.).

Nan-O-Sil ASD additive is an ultra high purity, amorphous (no crystallinity), colloidal fumed silica where the particles are discrete and non agglomerated in the form of a bright white powder. Importantly the individual particles are spherical shaped and range in particle size from 0.02 to 0.55 microns (20 to 550 manometers).

Nan-O-Sil ASD improves color dispersion. Blues are bluer. Greens are greener. Nan-O-Sil ASD reduces flow lines and surface defects. Nan-O-Sil ASD is easy to mix with resin pellets in a blender so melt pre-compounding is not required.

Neat PP @ 90s Cooling Time:

Nan-O-Sil ASD PP @ 90s Cooling Time

Subsequent to this paper/study we have determined that the cycle time reduction provided by Nan-O-sail is a function of nucleation dynamics (see Thermal Kinetics Study)

Major Key Benefits of Nan-O-Sil

  • Nanosil ASD reduces the Injection Molding Cycle time by 30 % to 40 % for most plastics resins like PP, PE, nylons, PBT, PC, LCP, PEEK, and Rigid PVC (read more: PVC Results Summary | Nanosil ASD Study).
  • Nanosil ASD reduces and often eliminates warpage of a molded parts such as rectangular boxes, and other complex geometries.
  • Nanosil ASD Significantly improves the color dispersion and hence it helps to cut down the color concentrate amount resulting in enormous cost savings.
  • Nanosil ASD improves critical part tolerances.
  • Nanosil ASD improves strength properties like tensile strength and toughness of many resins like nylons, PP, PE, and PBT.
  • Nanosil ASD reduces the flow lines and weld lines and improves the overall dimensional stability of the molded parts.
  • It only requires less than 1% (0.8%) of Nanosil ASD (less than three cents of the cost of this additive) to attain all the above benefits.

To obtain a sample for your trials, please contact:
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Energy Strategy Associates
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